Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Cycle Comes to a Close

        Things change. A lot. Especially my view about how I should be living my life. So, America, I'm sorry, but it's time to take a break. I'm heading back to New York State - another new town, but secure, stable, and certainly not stressful. I've decided that I need to refocus, recenter, and release. And although, I have opportunities to go elsewhere, like Hawaii, I think the best place for me is my mother's house.
        I can't wait to show her how I've changed since I first left my home two years ago. I've gained a lot of experience interacting with people of all kinds from different parts of America, and what I've realized is that ultimately, everywhere I go, I love, I lose, and I leave. Now, I want to start thinking about staying in a place for longer than a quarter of a year at a time.
        Living under Loreon's roof taught me many things, like how to keep my integrity even if others' fails. I almost slipped up, however. I had wanted a break (a well-deserved one), since I knew I was always pursuing Loreon's passions, instead of creating my own. I stopped counting my hours, hid in my room for a while, and then realized that it was time to go. I don't want to go back to work. I want to gain new skills and become more creative.
        Instead of running out unnoticed, I left on a positive note. Last night, I celebrated with the Isis Oasis crew, thanking everyone for all the blessings I've received. I created a new family here, but now it's time to create better relations with the family I came from.
        When I go back, I have many things to take with me, like new knowledge about physical and mental health that I've been able to put into practice so that I can continue such a lifestyle. I've learned how to be more careful when dealing with other people and their feelings. I've also learned that I am capable of giving my time to others, but I still need to balance it with time for myself.
        I even received my first pair of wings, so no matter where I am, I don't have to feel restricted. I can take flight through dance. Regardless of how old I become, the child inside will always be able to come out and play!
        And now I continue on my journey with my backpack, but with a new perspective. I will be looking for a place to settle, a place that suits me during all seasons, a place where I can form relationships that last. It seems I've been called to Israel, since that is where my roots are, so in January of 2012, I should be in the Middle East. I will see what that land has to offer me, and perhaps I will create a home. While at my mom's, I'll become certified to teach English as a foreign language, so I can pursue a cultural exchange with others from around the world to ultimately bring peace through understanding.
        Incidentally, this upcoming year will also be that of the Mayan calendar's end of time prophecy. What this means, I do not know. All I know is that I am now ending one cycle in my life to begin another, and it's all very exciting! This also means that I will be discontinuing my writing in this blog. But you can surely count on me ever-evolving and enjoying the life that I am leading so that I can inspire others to do the same. I've learned, most of all, that this is a beautiful world regardless of what the system is like. It's not about the system; it's about the people therein. Much love to all.


  1. Congrats on a new stage Erica. Take it from a guy who returned home at 39, this consumerist culture will try to shame you for living the way people lived for thousands of years, multiple generations sharing a dwelling, also how much of the rest of the world lives now without giving it a second thought. You are already too advanced on your path to fall for that silly BS. Hey, if you go to Israel, see if you can help lift that boot off the neck of the Palestinians...

  2. Erica, you're the best.

    I always wanted to meet you.

    Perhaps I may someday still...
    (but that's less than likely to happen soon due to your geography)

    Good bye, for now.

    I showed you this once before, and maybe you had even seen it before then. It is perhaps dreary, or maybe that was just me being dreary. I am a person who collects facts and sacrifices pleasantness to find more facts. If I had anything pretty or beautiful to offer you, I would. The closest I have to that is this story.

    With no further ado, I present it to you again:


  3. Erica,
    I will definitely miss reading your blog. I wish you all the best with whichever new adventures you tackle in the days to come. You've been a great inspiration to me to explore the world in which I live; its people, places and meaning. Should you decide to return to writing your blog, I'll definitely be here to read it. :)

    Keep on livin' free,

  4. Erica,

    As I've mentioned before elsewhere, your blog has been interesting and entertaining and I do hope that you at least continue to keep a private account of your travels because I think you're an excellent travel writer.

    I wish you good luck, safety, and health.


  5. I have been a fan for a few months enjoying everything you have posted about your life experiences. It has brought new meaning to my own life and I look at things a little differently now and more open minded. I wish you well in your life's journey. I'm sad to see you go however I do know that when one door closes another opens. KUDOS!

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  7. you're a genius. genius are more about courage than mind. and you're a mexican fisherman...
    good luck to you, you're the best

  8. have just watched your highschool vid "valedictorian speaks out against schooling".. REALLY inspiring! thanks for the inspiration!

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  11. I just hope someday when you're a mother that you will 'unschool' your children. For one, because in that speech, you saw the truth. I applaud that.

    Watch the clips in my post. You will benefit from it.

    Blessings to you

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  13. I'm glad to hear you are starting to drop the hippy-Baby-Boomer "rebelling". Your valedictorian speech was great but behaving like a Boomer, whether mainstream or not, is still acting like the same generation who allowed for/created the fascistic school system you railed against not so long ago. It's time to move past the now-sanctioned "rebelling" of sixties ideology and do something to create a plausible future for yourself and those you love.

  14. Instead of pretending to be off the grid, perhaps it is more important to work within it to make it better. We only have one system that we are born into. To rebel means we are avoiding the issues rather than hitting them head on. Like trying to escape our problems, eventually we realize we must face them, deal with them, and make them better.

    This world needs people like Erica, to inspire change, to resist authority by applying pressure to the current "powers that be" rather than escaping them.

    When a child is born, do we want to say we have had an influence on the rules he will be subjected to from the start?
    I hope you decide to make a positive contribution to the world Erica. Your passion is needed.

  15. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Many cheers for both your past and future adventures! Happy Trails.

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  17. Please don't quit writing. You write with integrity and clarity that is beyond your years. I am sure you have grown tired of all the accolades for your inspiring criticism of schooling in America. Maybe you worry that you cannot "top" that accomplishment? That would be natural to feel that way. However, in my mind, it does not represent a value to be exceeded but a standard to live up to. It's like an athlete who makes a great individual play, a "highlight-reel" play - I think athletes understand better than most about the importance of "being in-the-moment" because while one may bask, momentarily, in that glow of appreciation, she knows that the next play is another opportunity for greatness, and to be great he has to stay focused and sharp, and - dare I say it? - "in-the-moment". Apprehension of what the future may hold is normal. The trick is not to be paralyzed by it. Always remember the "passion" that you spoke eloquently of - this "passion!" is what propels us into the uncertain future. Be well, and thank you.

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  20. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! America appreciates your perspective and in fact needs it. Remember what Martian Luther King said "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

    Thanks again, see ya later!

    Enjoy the ride!

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  22. So Erica, if you will, do share the next chapters of your journey with us if you can?

    Love & Hugs
    -the People of the Internet

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  29. Wouldn't it be great if she did go to the Middle East and died? What a waste of a human she is.