Friday, August 27, 2010

The Night Before College

'Twas the night before college, when all through the house,
I heard the crickets chirping, and maybe a field mouse
My clothes were all packed in the car with care
In hopes that I'd send most to Salvation Army, not wear
I and my cat nestled all snug in my bed
With visions of planned landscapes and consumerism in my head
For I with my hopes for adventure and only a campus map
Did not want to settle for this semester-long nap
When inside my brain there arose such a clatter
I had to ask myself, "What's a matter?"
When all of a sudden it came like flash
I want passion in my life, not just cash!
What am I doing? Living a lie?
Going to college to be so bored, I'd cry?
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
The ghost of past, present, and future fiscal year!
It was Keynes, Friedman, and the Grim Reaper, you see
They said, "Go to college because no lunch is free!"
But I say, "No! We humans can change!
We can be more cooperative and no longer estrange!
We can learn by ourselves! We don't need you!
We don't need soaring debt from your financial coup!
Now Mr. Reaper, you don't scare me!
It's the life in my years that will set me free!"
And aghast they leave with a poof
I lay back down feeling quite aloof
"Wow, I can't believe they just intruded in my room
They don't know how to treat a lady, I presume."
And then in a twinkling I heard on my door
A knock, knock along with a wild snore
The ghosts again, "Can we come in please?"
More polite this time, I let them in with ease
Dressed in suits, with a white board and stick
They pulled out a statistical analysis and pic
A bundle of green, they held in their hands
"It could all be yours if you go with the plan"
My eyes, how they twinkled, but with concern
I had a few questions before I got burned
"What is this - a bribe, a plea, a bargain?"
"No, it's just some money to do the talkin'..."
"This might work with someone else, but not me
I am not that easily drafted, you see."
"But look at this graph, you can make so much money
If only you go to college and follow the track, honey."
"The track? How dare you fool me for a hamster?!
I can make my own living without your greedy cancer!"
It spreads like a disease throughout the land
You get them while their young as if by command
But I am no fool, I will leave after a semester
Put my toes in the water, but not be an investor
So I said goodnight to the ghosts of three
Sent them away because I would not agree
They sprang to their Porsche with ballistic missile
And away they flew like the down of a thistle
But I heard them exclaim, ere they drove out of sight,
"University for all and for all no human rights!"


  1. Love it! Glad to see you are posting more than your speech.

  2. I enjoy your writing. There are all kinds of things you can do in life for a career. Have you ever thought about being a spokes person for human rights. You have great public speaking ability. Anna Baltzer is a woman that speaks for Palestinian rights. You can find some videos of her on Youtube if your interested. Her website is:

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    Good luck in whatever you do in life,

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  3. That is a cool poem, yet speaks straight to the issues.

    Be pleased with your literary talent (I am, here on the other side of the planet in Albany, Western Australia, born in BC today in '62).

  4. this is brilliant. who are you? how good are you?

    I gotta cut to it Erica, do you know of the Venus Project? It was featured in a movie that i get the feeling you have seen called Zeitgeist: Addendum

    It is the solution. The real deal one. The one that will auctually bring that "one" idea into reality.

    I have been studding this info for the last 18 months. There is a wealth of information. Education is the key. And I feel the most relevant education one could receive right now is the education that will bring us back into alignment with nature. This does not mean toss it all away and start living as hunter gathers. It means getting off the corrupt system of scarcity management through monetary means. It means applying the methods of science and technology toward the betterment of all life on the planet. This is achievable through a new resource management system, a Resource Based Economy.

    Great quick resource for quick answers.

    Looking forward to reading your blog!
    or Tyson Zeitgeist Eberly on FB

  5. I second what Tyson just said....

  6. And let me counter that by proposing

  7. Erica,

    Whatever you do, you will bring positive change. You seem to have a strong sense of the greatest tool we are not allowed to use in education or industry, and in fact the general social culture. Creative awareness. Your path, whatever that is, will benefit everyone and you will find the answers we all need to evolve forward. The world desperately needs us all to do as you have done. Use the heart to center the mind on what is truth and what we need be truly aware of. May your path be bright, your steps be light and your stride be lengthened. Namaste

  8. I second what Al said.

  9. touche'

    Your video was mentioned on "the survival podcast" you were mentioned as hero of the week in episode 517.

    I guess you've read "weapons of mass instruction" and "Dumming us Down" by John taylor Gatto. For your interest you may also want to investigate Stiener schools. I see Zieghtgiest is also mentioned above - thats worth a watch.

    I wish I had as much wisdom when I finished my degree. All the best - may you seek your true potential.


  10. Great speech! I wrote something very similar just today when drafting and reviewing my reasons why we send our kids to a progressive school and why we may end up homeschooling. Glad you discovered this at 18 rather than at 45! My advice from a mom's point of view (who was a former valedictorian and teacher and went all the way out to get a fancy piece of paper with the letters Ph.D.)-you may have missed out on discovering who you really are, what makes you tick. Take alot of time to discover your talents and passions. Then nurture the hell out of them!!If you need to take off from college -do it! Don't let anyone scare you into thinking that you will never return to finish. And if you don't go back and finish, but find your calling -so be it! Where your passion intervenes with what you are good at, that is the path you will find satisfaction in life. (Check out Ken Robinson's book The Element. As well as Bolles Book -Finding your mission in Life. Discover Your Child's Learning Style is great if you want to do an inventory on your talents -actually there is one for adults that maybe be more appropriate. Let me know if you are interested in the latter and I will follow up for you.) Alfie Kohn is also great to read. Anyway, I help kids figure out who they are and what their strnegths are -sad thing is parents don't get it and see me as the fringe person/educator! The rebel . . . great to hear kids get it - - - but parents don't. Kids need to teach your parents well . . .BTW There are such things as progressive colleges -Goddard comes to mind. I can hook you up with a list if you want. These colleges are less structured, and theoretically, allow for a real education. Loved that you spoke about Gatto! Few in your age group -unless folks are homeschooled -know about him. And also: Watch the documentary "Race to Nowhere" -a doc on the academic stress kids are facing now . . .it addresses homework load, teaching to the test, depression in students, and more. Take care and feel free to contact me: or click my name to learn more about me.

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